Mehandipur Balaji Temple

God Name Balaji
Country India
State Rajasthan
City Dausa
Timing Pooja Timings:- 9.00 pm in summer and up to 8.00 pm in winter.
Session TheMehandipur Balaji Temple Is Well Connected With Above Cited Stations There Is Very Frequent Service Of Buses On Agra Jaipur Highway. The Journey Can Be Performed By Car From Delhi Either Via Alwar-Mahwa Or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa.
Establish Year 1811
  • By Road

    TheMehandipur Balaji Temple is well connected with above cited stations There is very frequent service of buses on Agra Jaipur highway. The journey can be performed by car from Delhi either via Alwar-Mahwa or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa.


Mehandipur balaji temple is one of the renowned temples in India, known for getting rid of evil spirits. Thousands of people from all over India gather here every day to offer the prayers as it is believed that offering prayers with full devotion here takes away all negativities of your life. This temple is situated at about 100 kilometers from Jaipur near Jaipur- Agra national highway. This temple is located in Dausa district .To reach here if travelling by train, the nearest railway station is badikui Railway station. If travelling by car, it s next to Jaipur Agra national highway, 3Km from Balaji crossing. This temple is at about 226 Km from Salasar


According to history Mehandipur balaji Temple is about 1000 thousand years old.The idol was 1000 years old.The story behind the Shri Balaji temple explained thet ancestors of Shri Mahant ji saw the three dieties in the dreams with a magnificent temple. He also heard voice which was ordering him to ready for serving his duty. All of a sudden Lord Shri Balaji appeared before him and ordered "Take duty of serving me". After that incident ancestors started worshipping by performing pua and arti regularly. Once upon a time some miscreants tried to dig out the deity but they could not reach the bottom of the statue as it is the part of the hill " Kanak Bhoodharakar Shareera". It is also known that the water pot in the feet of the diety never dried up due to continuous flow of water from left side of chest of statue of lord Shri Balaji .Located in the Dausa district of the Indian state of Rajasthan, Mehendipur Balaji is a temple where live exorcism can be witnessed by those who dare. Thousands of devotees flock this temple every day not just to be penitent, but to get their loved ones relived of evil spirits and ghosts. Some even say that this holy place is bestowed with such power that it could turn atheistic to a theist. Mehndipur forest here was atrocious.Dense shrubs, the lion-leopard, wild animals in the forest and lay Sanctuary.The village was afraid of thieves DakuMahant Baba Ji Maharaj, who were the ancestors, the dream appeared to him in the dream state and they went up and did not know where they are going to him.He saw in the dream state a unique Leela thousands are burning lamp. he elephant noises coming horses.A large standing army troops that Mr. Balaji Maharaj Ji, Shri Bhairon Baba, Mr. Pretraj government, the army came and worshiped the same way the army has gone way. St. chef stood there and everything, were looking at.He felt some fear and she walked to the village house, she tried to sleep, but he did not sleep again began to think about the dream.As soon as he was sleeping.He saw three figures, the vast temple appeared and began to sound the same in their ears and saying no to him my son get up and worship do undertaken.I will extend my pastimes.And Kali, Dikhaunga strengths.Who was saying it did not see any at night. St. Ji, this time in the end he did not care that Mr. Balaji Maharaj appeared and my son said the other day saint worship idols were ji hour approached he saw around, and the drumbeats of crocodile but did not see anything after that chiming St. chef came down and gathered the people about his dream, he told those who were able to get a little gentleman has made arrangements to receive people suffering Balaji Maharaj to them by miracles too.Who did not understand some of his people were wicked.Shri Bala Ji Maharaj statue / Deity, which came out people thought he saw him no art.Then he disappeared again idol of Shri Bala Ji people, apologizing, he appeared in the images.At the feet of the statue of Shri Bala Ji Maharaj is a furrow.Sometimes the water is not finished.The secret of the hole near the heart of one of Sri Balaji Maharaj Barik stream flows continuously.Takes the water to devotees splatter. Chola which climbed even stream is not closed.This led to the establishment of the three gods, Shri Bala Ji Maharaj Ji, Pretraj government, Bhairon Baba Samadhi of Baba and their subsequent installation.St. Ji Maharaj Shri Balaji gave the living philosophy.At that time the state was under a king.Tomb of Baba told the king his dream.King was not sure.The king said that seeing the statue is an art.Baba went inside the statue.So the king did not address any of digging bringing even sculpture.Then he apologized and said unto beaten Baba Shri Bala Ji we are ignorant fools not to force us to recognize your child will understand, forgive us.Then Balaji idols chef came out.After coming out statues believed Raja Maharaj St., and St. Ji Maharaj took over command of worship.Raja Shri Bala Ji Maharaj built a huge temple.St. Ji Maharaj Shri Bala Ji Maharaj many years of prayer, when they came to old age St. Ji Maharaj Shri Balaji took command of the mausoleum.He prayed to Shri Bala Ji Maharaj, Shri Bala Ji is my wish that your service and worship of a burden to my family.Since then holding St. Ji Maharaj has loads of family worship.Balaji appeared here about 1000 years ago.Balaji before now has 12 abbot G. service.Balaji thus established.These are the embodiment of a modern crisis Mehndipur redemption of the surrounding area are very low risk, man. Because a lot of faith in people's minds Balaji.Says-believe in heart, those Balaji Maharaj cut the crisis. This shrine has three deities who are worshipped: Balaji (Lord Hanuman), Pret Raj (The King of spirits), Bhairav. The idol inside which is over more than 1000 years old was never created by an artist, it is believed to have self appeared. But, the temple around it was built in the 20th century. Legend says that this temple was bestowed with divine powers to cure people possessed with evil spirits and contained by black magic. It has been often shared by those who visited the shrine that they get some sort of hurdles on their way, as if a sign of warning. Once you reach the village, you will for a brief time sense cold chills, despite the place being at the center of warmest area. With the normal life taking its course in the most usual ways, you will find a total change of worlds once you step inside the temple. Imagine fighting with thousands other to stand in queue and that too at 3:30 am. Yes! It seems that the village never sleeps, even people at the local shops around the temple, work in shifts. Despite standing in queues for long hours, at the break of dawn, somehow everything goes for a toss. The crowd will push you, some would even try walking over you. Standing there you not only have to fight for space, but for your life. Each morning, there is a fear of stampede and security seems to be unaffected by the chaos loosely work to make things better. Fearing for their lives and well-being, even drop the plan to enter the temple amid such tsunami of humans and opt for darshans from the outside. And, those who brave their way until the entrance of temple are greeted with herds of Prasad sellers, guides offering VIP route, etc. Unlike, other religious shrines in India, here, you will get black-coloured balls as Prasad; no flowers. These balls are strictly prohibited from being consumed; they are supposed to be thrown in the fire inside temple. The first two hall are of Lord Bhairav, and Hanuman, where we are supposed to throw the black balls into the ceremonial fire, only after taking it over your entire body five times. After this, you seek blessings of Lord Hanuman who relives you off any graha dashas or sankat. Next, you are taken into the third chamber (if not willingly, then by the force of people pushing you from back), and there is where the fear grips your body. You won,t find many along with you in the last hall, which is why it was even scarier. There were children, men and women tied to rocks and pillars with metal chains. Some of them were being beaten by priests. It looked as if many of them have not eaten for days. When I tried to inquire, it seemed I committed the cardinal sin, those glares is something never forget. This practice goes on daily to free these people of malignant spirits, ghosts, etc. It is all pain and negativity that surrounds you in this last hall.